About me

I am now a Ph.D. student in Computer Vision Lab of Computer Science Engineering Department at University of South Carolina, working with Prof. Song Wang and Prof. Lili Ju .

I enrolled in my Ph.D. program in Fall 2018. Before that, I received my B.S. in College of Intelligence and Computing from Tianjin University in 2018.

Research Interests: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Autonomous Driving


[March. 1, 2021] Two paper accepted at CVPR 2021.
[Dec. 2, 2019] One paper accepted at AAAI 2021.
[Nov. 10, 2019] One paper accepted at AAAI 2020.
[July 22, 2019] Two papers accepted at ICCV 2019.


[CVPR 2021 Oral] DANNet: A One-Stage Domain Adaption Network for Unsupervised Nighttime Semantic Segmentation [PDF][Code]

Zhenyao Wu, Xinyi Wu, Hao Guo, Lili Ju, Song Wang.

[CVPR 2021] From Shadow Generation to Shadow Removal [PDF][Code]

Zhihao Liu, Hui Yin, Xinyi Wu, Zhenyao Wu, Yang Mi , Song Wang.

[AAAI 2021] Binaural Audio-Visual Localization [PDF][Data]

Xinyi Wu, Zhenyao Wu, Lili Ju, Song Wang.

[AAAI 2020] SalSAC: A Video Saliency Prediction Model with Shuffled Attentions and Correlation-based ConvLSTM [PDF]

Xinyi Wu, Zhenyao Wu, Jinglin Zhang, Lili Ju, Song Wang.

[ICCV 2019] Spatial Correspondence with Generative Adversarial Network: Learning Depth from Monocular Videos [PDF][Results]

Zhenyao Wu, Xinyi Wu, Xiaoping Zhang, Song Wang, Lili Ju.

[ICCV 2019] Semantic Stereo Matching with Pyramid Cost Volumes [PDF][Results]

Zhenyao Wu, Xinyi Wu, Xiaoping Zhang, Song Wang, Lili Ju.

[ICCV Workshop 2019] Multi-Video Temporal Synchronization by Matching Pose Features of Shared Moving Subjects [PDF]

Xinyi Wu, Zhenyao Wu, Yujun Zhang, Lili Ju, Song Wang.

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